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dancers posing in front of a pink background
students acting
dance teacher takes a photo of students hoisting a dancer over their head
jazz enssemble stands in a circle smiling after performance
student looking over a teacher's shoulder as they play the piano and sing
students dancing in blue and red costumes
student and teacher working on an art project

Ignite your creativity and realize your potential.

Whatever the art form, Branson students drive the creative process. You will collaborate with both your teacher and peers while also honing your individual voice. You will be challenged to try new things and take artistic risks, while also learning the formal and technical elements of the discipline. You will be inspired and urged to make your art a part of your daily practice so that you can grow, improve, and move through challenges. 

As a Branson student of the arts, your authentic self will inform and inspire the work you produce in any art form, and the skills you develop will serve you in all areas of life.

You’ll be at the center of the creative process, learn to redefine boundaries and use your voice in service of a vision for a more healthy, vibrant, and equitable world.

Explore the Visual & Performing Arts at Branson

By the Numbers


of Branson students pursue advanced level arts courses 


of Branson arts classes are studio-based, with emphasis on technique, practice, exploration, and expression.


course offerings in Acting, Dance, Music and Visual Arts


of Branson arts faculty are practicing artists, actively honing their craft outside of Branson.

What's Happening in the Arts