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For Neighbors

Branson campus looking at Mt. Tam

Welcome, Ross Neighbors! For over 100 years, Branson School has been an integral part of the Ross community and we are fortunate to call the Town of Ross home. Many of our faculty and students are Ross residents themselves, and they are actively engaged in the community. Chris Mazzola, our Head of School, serves on the Ross Leadership Council. Our faculty with young children are involved as parents with Ross School and Ross Recreation. In fact, we have 14 faculty who are residents of Ross, 10 of whom live on our campus with their families.

Within our gate we see our neighbors on Circle Drive on a daily basis, and many of our nearby neighbors enjoy walking through campus or playing on our field on the weekends. Our beautiful tranquil location in Ross is beloved by our alumni and is one of the reasons many students choose to come to Branson. 

We strive to be a good neighbor and maintain positive relations with all who live in our community, including,

  • Continual monitoring of parking and traffic at three locations daily during peak hours
  • Informal use of our athletic fields, tennis courts, and practice facilities 
  • Invitations to performances and other community events
  • Ross School lunches are prepared in the Branson kitchen
  • Community partnerships with local organizations like Cedars, Ross School, and Town of Ross events

Branson Neighborhood Group

The Branson Neighborhood Group, as per our amended CUP, welcomes residents from streets adjacent to Branson (Fernhill, Bolinas, Glenwood, Norwood, Circle Drive, Hillgirt) to campus 2-3 times each year. In these meetings we share updates and gather feedback about our new Transportation Demand Management Plan (TDMP) and any other Branson-related issues that are pertinent to our neighbors. 

Thanks to everyone who attended our March 13, 2024 Neighborhood Group meeting. Our next meeting will take place in the fall of 2024.

Past Meeting Notes:

Amended CUP Brings More Students, Transportation Management to Branson

In February 2022, the Ross Town Council voted unanimously to approve Branson's amended Conditional Use Permit (CUP). This enables Branson to begin a phased increase to the student body – 100 new students over the next four years – starting with a 25-student increase to the incoming Class of 2026.  Learn more about the CUP process and Branson's new Transportation Demand Management Plan (TDMP).

Meet Our Traffic Monitoring Team

Todd Bickel

Todd Bickel

Director of Operations
Angelika  Dimaya

Angelika Dimaya

Traffic Monitor
Roger Douglas

Roger Douglas

Traffic Monitor
Alicia Moore

Alicia Moore

Traffic Monitor
Abhisek Roy

Abhisek Roy

Traffic Monitor

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Questions? Contact Nathalio Gray

Nathalio Gray

Assistant Head of School for Mission Advancement